RUN NO 1892
LOCATION Papagou - Same as the founders run all those decades ago


Yes another beaut day in Athens considering it was December.

The annual anniversary of the hash 36 years ago was the first so most attending had not even been born.

All the faithful came, BOUBILINA in all her splendid attire, CLITORIA as always looking 30 years younger than she is.

RIM JOB as father of the year was showing no sign of sleepless nights giving yet another of his children their bottle.

And so the run and walk commenced - both at speed and both up the nearby mountain.

Luckily MOUNTAIN GOAT was not in attendance as the speed and terrain would have been too exhausting for him.

Also OXY was not seen - rumour had it that he had misbehaved the previous night so was not allowed to get out of bed on the Sunday.

And so the walk and run continued with aplomb!!

Eventually all returned to where our cars were parked only to discover another 50 or so vehicles had arrived and that what seemed 100s of young men had surrounded us.

But thankfully the one and only BOUBILINA saved us - ordering all to vacate our location in what seemed fluent Albanian.

And so the circle commenced.

I had to strip when given a virgin tee-shirt much to the delight of all harriettes .

And then off to the taverna where we ate and ate and drank and drank to our contentment for 9 euro each.

So endith a fab day

With love and  kisses to u all esp the harriettes.

Me (ex) virgin FROSTY NUTS