Run:  No 1888

Date: 9th Nov. 2014

Start: Marathon - where else?

Runner: Only me KNOB GOBLIN

Scribe: Also me, though it should have been OXYMORON


So there I was in full marathon kit awaiting the start and no OXY

He had solemnly promised to be there to run with me as my time keeper over the first 30 km or so


So what could I do without him? 

And so we started - luckily not at speed -what a crowd!  Some fast like OXY some slow like MT GOAT

And so the marathon progressed ON & ON & ON we went. No calls, just groans and groans as we went our increasing weary way over the foothills of northern Athens 


And eventually the down hill commenced. Yippee said all 

Still no OXY and still no other AH3 to egg me on towards the ever further finishing line 

But amazingly it appeared and so over I crawled in the amazing time under 5 hours

OK Athens hashers, beat that in a future marathon and either myself or OXY will sure give you a hug you will remember.


With love to u all