RUN NO: 1887

DATE: 2nd NOV 




It was a fab weather day 

It had been so cold up in north Athens one drove down in trepidation that it would be cold in the south but it sure was not

And location and the view incredible 

One just does not realize just how beautiful views can be in Athens 

The hash coming down so far south mostly got lost so time passed with no start

However eventually the pack were told where to go - the runners were promised a beer stop 

And so off both packs went the runners lead by KNOB GOBLIN thinking about her marathon run next week whilst the walkers lead by BOUBILINA

And so the two packs progressed 

HAMISH was in charge of the beer stop for the runners up at the top of a bloody big mountain - but the views - incredible

And so off down the mountain side went the runners but to where?

OK some reached the bucket but the others??

So all waited and waited for the others but no sign

So the GM MAD DOG said lets have the circle and if still no sign we then go and search

And so the circle

Then as still no sign off in various cars went the pack to try to find the missing runners

Needless to say one was KNOB GOBLIN renowned for getting lost

And so all over Voula went all the hash cars until they were found kms away from home without any money for a taxi

So they sure were lucky


And then off to the ONIN an ARMENIAN taverna in Glyfada where we partook of some quite different food from the usual ONINs some mild some spicy and all most edible washed down with ARMENIAN BEER & WINE

Yes a very interesting and varied day. OXY just cannot believe how hashers can get lost in ANO VOULA an area he has seen so often whilst in the cockpit of HELLAS JETS


With love to you all especially OXY  xoxo