RUN NO 1886

DATE Oct 26th

HARES  KNOB GOBLIN & Currently unnamed  USA hasher

SCRIBE me OXY as I was there the whole time




Yes what a w.end

When the AH3 has a w/end away all are great but this one surpassed all

Location, cost of accommodation, dinner, unlimited wine throughout, breakfast. Definitely an A1 weekend.


2 bottles of wine in each room and then dinner - six courses with as much wine as you could drink.

Then later access to their kitchen for even more wine.


And all so cheap

So the sat evening was a riotous success.

Then breakfast Sunday morning for those that managed to get up.  Food cooked for whatever u wanted eggs, bacon, sausages,
mushrooms  etc, etc with side dishes galore.

It almost felt a let down congregating for the hash at 11 am in the mountainous scenery.

And so ran and walked those who felt able fully aware that the circle was bound to have even more wine as down downs

And so the day progressed 

The circle taken by our beloved GM MAD DOG was as always impressive 

I missed out on my normal down down as I was for once not late for the run

And then a naming ceremony MAD DOG recited an epistle full of innuendos and mixed metaphors that had all mesmerized. 

And so the currently unnamed USA diplomat was named Frosty Nuts.

And then still a fab weekend for all motored down the mountain side to old Nemea to visit the PLAYBOY winery where we drank and drank and drank as if no tomorrow.

And then food was the order of the day so off to a local 5 star souvlaki joint to fill our bellies before partaking for the journey back home.


Yes a truly magnificent w/end that will go down in the annals of hash history as one if not the best w/end ever.


Written by me still suffering from an almighty hangover.