Run no 1885

Date 19th Oct\Location beside Tatoi the former palace of the King of Greece

Hare MT Goat

Scribe Me Wet Dream


A beaut day warm  sun no clouds as a goodly number of intrepid hashers came up the winding road past  the Palace entrance to a small car park.


And lo and behold who was there none other than SHAMPOO GEORGE - still an amazing runner for his age

And so all others came,  CLIToria in all her finery, FAIR COP without his hat, MAD DOG pestering HAMISH for details about one of his distant ancestors who evidently had his main occupied mansion up in Kifissia - but no one knows appears to know exactly where. No OXY but we were not waiting as he could always catch the pack up with his turn of speed.


And so the two packs departed both at speed  RIM JOB as was his want leading the runners whilst DOGGIE STYLE the walkers.


And away into the palace grounds which are massive in area. Full of trees and other vegetation it required the two packs to keep close to each other otherwise getting lost was so easy.


Unfortunately no beer or champagne stops so all were subjected  to loss of weight due sweating and loss of body liquid. But all persevered and ran and ran, walked and walked through the heavily vegetated grounds until the welcome site of the beer bucket was seen ahead. And then the circle when all had down downs,  all thankful for the liquid in the autumnal heat.


Then off to the taverna at the top of the mountain where an excellent repast was had for 13 euro each inc. tip.


Yes a good day in all respects. 


So on on to next weeks run down in the wilds of Nemea staying at a vineyard drinking their special wines at knock down prices. 


With much love and kisses to u all.