Run Report:   No 1870

Date:   18th May 





Yes me again as scribe but when virtually all the committee insist who am I to decline.


So upon a beautiful early summer morning we all gathered at the tram stop at PLATEA VERGOTI.

Just what my NAVAHO great grandmother would have thought at me surrounded by all these palefaces without having the compulsory TOMAHAWK in my hand.  I have no idea. But thank goodness she has gone to a better life so cannot see me thus performing.


A goodly number of palefaces appeared - all pressurized into buying yet another tee though only 7 euro.

Then FAIR COP as is his want called us all to order and got HEAVY BREATHER to explain where the run and walk went.

So off all went BOUBILINA Leading the walkers whilst CAPT SUMO the runners both in completely different directions. 

Myself went with the runners so have little idea where and what the walkers got up to during their sojourn.


We the runners went at speed REAR ENTRY seems every week to be running faster and faster whilst exactly the opposite for old MT GOAT he sure now looks his age well over 90.  And so the run continued.  FAIR COP excelled himself by continually calling so the pack kept well together until CAPT SUMO decided to go his own way so was not seen again until he eventually got back to the bucket.


And so both packs got back at about the same time.  CLITORIA was so excited at finishing she kept praising the hare for such an excellent run. And then the circle down downs were awarded to all.    A visitor from HOUSTON was asked the obligatory 4 questions and gave suitable rude answers.


And then the TAVERNA  was decided - a fish one just along the beach  I did not go as wanted to swim in the nearby nude beach - so no one in the hash were aware this week of my underwear or lack thereof  A pity said OXY more in hope than expedition.


ON ON to u all 


Me the gorgeous KNOB GOBLIN


And next week I am setting the Sunday recovery run on POROS so all have been warned!!