Run no 1869

Date 11th May

Location Loutsa from WET DREAM & FAIR COP’s  pad

TIME 11am as usual


Scribe MAD DOG

Special occasion HASH AGPU




Yes another AGPU.  They sure seem to come quicker every year

So for the usual time start many intrepid hashers came down to the coast to the Pad of the hares and chef for the day.

AS usual all food and booze was paid for out of hash funds.

And yet we had a massive problem !!

What problem do u say ??
Well just remember the most famous saying of the hash world wide is 






And we the AH3 sure have a drinking problem 

What problem?
We hardly drink!!!!!!


For there yesterday all beer wine etc was free yet so little drunk. Am sure the founders of the hash would all be turning in their graves if told just how little the AH3 drinks !!!!


The run and walk were both excellent both along the coast so all could perve at swimmers and sunbathers as we ran / walked along the shoreline.

DOGGIE STYLE for once did not get lost !!!

Meantime the chef WET DREAM was finalizing masses of fab food for all us hungry hashers.

So that when we all returned were told food would be ready in 15 mins so a quick circle was held in their garden.

Down downs were awarded to the hare and HAMISH for being late even though the one and only OXY appeared even later in his usual PICKUPMOBILE.

Then the food al gluttonous hashers sure kept the gluttonous reputation.

All seconds all so good it was impossible to state which best.


Then the formal AGPU

Voting papers were handed .out so all voted. 

FAIR COP collected and he himself counted all and then announced the results.

Basically all were erected though some results were sure close e.g. CLITORIA’S PUSSY Nearly got in !!

And so the afternoon progressed. CAPT. SUMO fell asleep as all the excitement was too much for him !


Next weeks run was announced   HEAVY BREATHER hare yet again and likely down GLYFADA way.


And so ended the AGPU and all wandered their weary way back into Athens. 


ON until next week - ME MAD DOG