RUN: no 1857
DATE:  9th FEB
Why me ?
Because I was the hare and had set such a fabulous run
In fact most of the hashers who attended said it was the best run they had ever had!!
Running through Kolonaki Square on a Sunday morning avoided having all the normal dirty old men ogling the glamorous Greek ladies walking past the coffee shops
Instead if they had been sitting there they would have seen the motley sweaty crowd of hashers
The weather was ok considering it to be in the midst of winter
And so the run progressed whilst the walkers viewed Athens from the very top of LYCABETTUS
Eventually all arrived back at the bucket
Myself as a birthday Harriette  was awarded a down down as was MAD DOG a birthday hasher as well as our own very froggie hasher TEENIE BONER
Then all off to my luxury pad where we all partook of scrumptious victuals and alcohol unlimited
So endith a fab day
With kisses to you all  KNOB GOBLIN   xoxoxoxo
PS remember to book the same Sunday in your 2015 diary !!!  It will be as good as this one