RUN NO 1853
A  beautiful day - we all assembled in the forecourt of the most interesting museum which contains artifacts found in the neighbourhood and especially the local Excavated Temple which was only rediscovered in the 1950s having been hidden by centuries of silt brought down by the adjacent stream.

But enough of History !
Why me as scribe ?
I suppose because of my previous attempt where I managed to get all 100% intrigued by what if any I wore as underwear to the ONIN
I remember telling KUM KWICK the result but no one else.
So today if one wanted one again could fantasize on what if anything I was wearing - and KUM KWICK was not there !!

Anyway, the runů
Scenery great run excellent not too long and not too hilly
All regulars came  and ran
the walkers also enjoyed the scenery plus the winter weather
FAIR COP as usual took the circle - awarded himself top marks as hare SURPRISE SURPRISE
And then the Taverna Absolutely A1    ---food ,drink, ambiance other  hashers
Still thought those eating and drinking were wondering exactly what underwear I was wearing but alas refused to say  other than to say bright red in sympathy with all the problems in Syria
Yes a fab day so those who did not come missed a treat - weather ,run, taverna , fellow hashers
So until I see you all at the next run
L & K from red underwear KNOB GOBLIN