RUN No 1811

DATE 20th JAN 




Why me as scribe esp having set such a fab run on a beaut jan winter day.    But after all committee members present insisted I must be the scribe as well as the hare who am I to say NO !!

A goodly number came 

So soon after the appointed hour FAIR COP called the pack to order and had me give full instructions for both runners and walkers 

So off went the 2 packs 

THRICE NITELY leading the runners and BOUBOULINA the walkers 

The trails were littered with Athenians out for the Sunday exercise - runners , cyclists , walkers , dog lovers  - all were there so both packs had continually avoid them

ROCKET SOCKET dressed in the new suggested HHH Tee was admired by all 

CLITORIA said it would go well with her sexy underwear 

KUM KWIK said he would look even more desirable wearing one 

But onwards and upwards went the two packs 

The runners eventually reached the Mt. Peak - what views - COKE DEALER was really impressed - MT GOAT bless his ancient limbs looked and through his eyes said he saw Athens way down below 

The walkers by now having ABSOLUT in charge   kept on walking - HEAVY BREATHER catching up 


Eventually the walkers returned so started attacking the beer 

The runners - where were they ?  Time passed and passed WET DREAM started worrying about FAIR COP - he does not like running in the dark !!!


But eventually after 2 whole hours the runners started staggering in 

Agreed no circle Instead back to my flat - to cook all the curries etc and whilst cooking then have the circle 

Which we did 

And what a feast - enough to feed all illegal immigrants in Athens 

With a balcony large enough to accommodate them 

And so the afternoon progressed 

In beautiful sunshine 


Only in Greece could the weather be so fantastic at this time of the year


Yes a Fab day was had by all 


ME the one and only CAPTAIN SUMO