RUN No 1806 

DATE  9th DEC 

HARE  THRICE NITELEY ( note correct spelling )





An overcast day with spots of rain - but remember it is December. 

A goodish number assembled and incredibly nearly all were there before the official start

of 11 a.m. 

So very shortly after the appointed start time FAIR COP called the Hash to its circle and got THRICE NITELEY to explain the run and walk.

Unfortunately his explanations were somewhat vague as he had set the trails suffering from a huge hangover.

Never the less off both packs went - the runners led by ABSOLUT and the walkers by the one and only CLIT.

SOPHIA demanded from THE SPY WHO ... she wanted to run, so off they went. 

WET DREAM thinking it would rain stayed in her car snoozing peacefully. 

The runners now led by REAR ENTRY plus 2 or 3 virgins went climbing the nearby hill. 

It started to rain so the ground naturally became somewhat treacherous   but no one fell - quite amazing. 

Meanwhile the walkers now led by KUM KWIK decided to enter the nearby church - no doubt hoping for some communal wine - but alas no to there to drink. 

And so in due course both packs returned and the circle commenced with as usual FAIR COP in charge. 

Down downs were awarded to all - KUM KWIK the OXY memorial down down - all the virgins partook of there down downs. 

And so off  to the taverna. 

All went which great - we were first clients so got favoured seats beside the log fire. 

Then the food - masses of it - the meats were simply A1 The pork with crackling - the lamb so tender and the Kokoretsi - so moist OXY would have been in 7th heaven - all washed down with beer and wine.

And more and more came the sweets fabulous - the Tsipora easy to drink. 

Then the bill  13 euro each including a 1 euro tip !!!!
Truly a fantastic Taverna - almost worth me flying from Edinburgh just to eat there. 

I know ZAC would have loved it - all the scraps to eat and so many bones to chew - BLISS.


So until next time I am in Athens, 

ONON to u all