RUN - 1799

DATE - 21st OCT 2012




Yes me as hare and also scribe 

Not really surprising as all said the run was one of the best they had even had - likewise the walkers - so all were thrilled at being there 

Plus the weather was definitely A1 the location of the picnic / BBQ site could not have been better

So a great time was had by all 

And a goodly number came 

FAIR COP a returnee from Pommieland called the circle to order soon after 11.00 am 

I told both walkers and runners where to go to the start, so off all went

ABSOLUTE as always led the runners while BOUBILINA led the walkers 

The walkers eventually reached the monastery where they had to pay 2 euro admission fee

The runners now headed by PETE THE MEAT also climbed up as high as the monastery but declined to pay the 2 euro to get in for a full confession

And so the run/walk progressed 

CLIT in her usual most inefficient way suddenly found a picnic site devoid of human beings - so determined that is where we must go after the circle

However KUM KWIK and DOGGIE STYLE wondered if the site was large enough to accommodate all of us plus food plus drinks

And so to the end of the run and the bucket conducted as usual by FAIR COP 

Down downs were awarded to all. ONCE MONTHLY thought  his was an exaggeration - the name or the drink ? We were uncertain 

And so off to the picnic site - fantastic - oodles of benches and tables so all could sit and gorge oneself in 100% harmony with the world

And so the afternoon passed in peace and tranquillity

Yes a great day 

Enjoyed by all

And then no sooner had we got into our cars then the rain came - thank you RA for ensuring the rain was delayed 


So ONON Until next Sunday