RUN 1795

DATE 23rd Sept 2012

LOCATION  Syngrou Park, Northern Suburbs 




A fab day weather wise - cloudless warm no wind - perfect for us serious hashers 

So I waited for all attendees before asking the hare to start the run 

OXY unfortunately could not make it - he sent in an apology - had been out having a quiet drink last evening when he was set upon by 3 Nymphos and unfortunately could not escape!!

Still those present were sure to enjoy a great run and walk 

REAR ENTRY spelt out the run and walk so off all went 


The run was sure long back and forward we all went for what seemed to be for ever 

Poor MT. GOAT showed his age - sweat poured off him   MAD DOG was more cautious - did not go down all false trails wheras RIM JOB as always kept himself low key 

Finally back to the bucket where we were joined by the walkers led in the absence of CLIT by DOGGY STYLE. The bucket great plenty of nice cold beer so all partook with gusto 


Then finally REAR ENTRY announced back to his pad for food and drink - so off we all went 

And there was as elegant as always THE SPY WHO .... with a table groaning under the weight of food and drink 

Then an absolute calamity - me who prided himself of having a beer in each hand was faced with 2 UKRAINIAN bottles of beer each holding 2 Litres.     How could I drink either  by lifting the bottle with only one hand holding it!!  Impossible 

So I had to do the unforgiveable and only hold 1 bottle 

And so the beer flowed - Ukrainian plus also Russian lager - both A!

And as fro the food masses and so edible 

Then our great SOPHIA appeared - she said she had done all the cooking so did we like it - and promptly started attacking MT GOAT as she thought so similar to her in age !!!!

And so the afternoon progressed 

VODKA appeared - icy cold = what else 

And more and more food 


So a great day was had by all 


So many, many thanks to SOPHIA, REAR ENTRY and THE SPY WHO ...