Run No 1792
Date 30th June 2012
Location Papagou
Hare Thrice Nightly
Scribe Once Monthly

Why me - maybe because i was christened after the run - with my own suggestion!!
What a day - a run on the Saturday evening ! A virgin hare ( who did not receive a virgin Tee shirt )
So at towards the end of a stinking hot day the hash congregated at its usual site at Papagou - and there was a breeze up there which helped cool down the extreme temp.
And quite a few came - no doubt influenced by the prospect of a free BBQ at the hares pad afterwards
So at 7pm the Religious advisor called the pack to order - the hare Thrice Nightly told both runners and walkers where to go and off went the two packs
I went with the walkers so have no idea where the runners vanished to
The walk was very interesting - the walkers lead by Kum Kwik walked quite a way through well worn tracks with enough benches to rest ones weary legs (NOTE Gray's elegy in a country churchyard)
So by the time we returned the runners had also appeared
Much water consumed by all
Then the circle - by which time more and more had arrived - Mad Dog and Doggie Style and wait for it OXY !!
So a lengthy circle was required
I then insisted on being given a hash name so I said why not Once Monthly - which was approved by all

Than off to the hares pad for tucker and drinks...

And what a feast - food enough to feed the whole of Bangladesh- beer and wine galore -Truly a memorable evening
So all stayed and kept eating and drinking as if no tomorrow
OXY even forgot he was on a diet so ate as much as every one else

YES a fab evening - one I will remember for many a year

ONON to you all