AH3 Hash shit


RUN No. 1784

DATE - MAY 13th 2012





Why us all who read this report will utter esp as neither of us ran or were even there !!!! 

It is because we have over the past few years received so many complaints about the quality of run reports that we both decided to write a report to show all just how one should be written.


So we pestered all who took part in this run to send us snippits so we could write a report that will become so famous that hashes all over the world will try to copy our perfect English and attention to detail.


So here goes... 

Promptly at 11.13 FAIR COP calls the assembled pack to order - informs all that this is run 1784 - that the weather will be perfect - warm - cloudless sky - 100% suitable for such an athletic pack as the AH3.


Then the hare for the day ROCKET SOCKET  was asked the usual questions  to which he responded.  

Then off went the 2 packs - the runners lead by THRICE NIGHTLY whilst the walkers by OTIS.

Leaving behind asleep in her car the hash cash   WET DREAM !!! - No wonder she had been given this hash name.


The terrain was fantastic - winter rains had made everything so green - and now with the early warm summer son all vegetation was sprouting. And so both packs made their way up towards the many mountains. The walkers including DOGGY STYLE and KUM KWIK were seen furiously trying to keep up with the one and only CLITORIA - obviously in haste of a toilet stop !!


The runners continually photographed by MAD DOG  climbed mountain after mountain - it made us both scribes extremely jealous at missing such an attractive run - we could see ourselves hand in hand cavorting up and down the mountains without a care in the world - no doubt singing to each other !!


And so both packs returned back to the start. Beer unlimited - an incredible one from Santorini - a beer and honey mix. The circle taken as always by FAIR COP - down downs to all esp OTIS who has been assigned by the USA government to live and work elsewhere so her visits back to Athens liable to be infrequent.


Then off to the Taverna - the AVRAAM - quite close - and what a Taverna - food fab - meats , veggies all u could want washed down with unlimited wine and beer - and the COST  10 euro plus tip !!!!!  Incredible value - How did we know about it ?? Luckily THRICE NIGHTLY lives nearby so continually eats there. 


So endith a fab day. 

So until next weeks run with REAR ENTRY as hare. 

Farewell from us 2 famous hares.