RUN NO.  1768
DATE   8th JAN 2012

Why me - I was not even at the run !!_ but have recd 3 e-mails from hashers who were asking me to be the scribe due to my betterer spelling and gramar.

Each of the three sent me some form of run report so I have attempted to amalgamate them into one sensible report.
So here goes...
It was the annual VASSILOPITA run with accompanying GEORGIAN CHAMPAGNE ( Not the cheap imitation French )  NAPOLEON BONNY PART take note !!
A goodly number came - it was cold and wet but the attraction of the Cake and champagne must have taken preference over the poor weather conditions
So quite promptly FAIR COP got all off both runners and walkers  WET DREAM sensibly stayed in her car hoping in vain a bottle would have been opened prior all going off
RIM JOB amazingly arrived on time - he said first and only time this year he would be on time - His 2012 objective is to overtake OXY as being always so late
S4S and LEANOVER both arrived from their tropical island for the festivities prior going off to England for yet another PLAYBOY 2  AND FLUTTERBY wedding ceremony - this time conducted by the one and only PRESTON PETE
COKE DEALER told us all about a free wine tasting at the Grand Britannia next sat afternoon
And so the run and walk continued whilst snow fell on the surrounding hills
BOUBILINA kept insisting lets get back now so we can all drink and eat - a complete glutton - almost as bad as CLITORIA
HAMISH tried in vain to keep up with LEANOVER moaning about the absence of her mother - she had more sense than come out in such bad weather
Finally all staggered back to the bucket - where the one and only THE SPY WHO etc conducted the opening of the CHAMPAGNE whist REAR ENTRY cut the cake which was rapidly devoured as if there was to be no tomorrow
The circle was a complete shambles FAIR COP as is his usual in jan each year attempted to give away valuable free gifts all of which are immediately consigned to the rubbish tip
And so off to the Taverna - yes MANGINAS yet again and yet again fab food and only 14.50 each - various starters - fab kokoretsi (OXY would have been in 7th heaven ) Pork Steaks , Sausage ,  Grilled  Chicken with huge helpings of yogurt to finish
Truly a day to remember even though I was not there !!!
Kisses and cuddles to you all