Run No 1767
Date 1st Jan 2012 (Yes! New Year's Day)
Location Glyfada  (Car park next to the Tram Station)
Hare Hamish
Scribe OTIS


Yes we ran on the 1st January - having agreed that although the first run in 2012, it would not be the Vassilopitta run
Why - because it was considered few would attend as most would be suffering from hangovers so let us make the next run the annual Vassilopitta run
So at 11am the few intrepid hashers congregated down in Glyfada for a run set by Hamish
Fair Cop called the circle to order - got Hamish to give details for both runners and walkers - and off we all went
The runners lead by Rim Job soon vanished into all the back streets of Glyfada - and there sure are 100s
The walkers lead by Bouboulina followed a more leisurely trail - very nice esp. as the weather was for this time of the year quite mild
And so the two packs cavorted round Glyfada
Eventually back to the start where Fair Cop took the circle - without Hamish who had gone to his flat to finalize the ON-INN feast
And so immediately after the circle all partook to Hamish's flat for oodles of food and drink
All had been advised that the menu would include such delicacies as Arbroath Smokies and Venison Sausages -
(Both bought by Hamish upon his recent UK trip) with Marks and Spencer Xmas cake as a desert
So all sat on Hamish's balcony eating and drinking in a sunny afternoon in mid winter- fabulous
Very pleasant so all really enjoyed the first of Janunary run made even more special by there being no Hash Charge for the food and drink !!

And so we all departed with full stomachs and looking forward to the Vassilopitta run next week