Run No 1668
Date  22nd November 2009
Location  KAREAS - nr. MONASTERY
Woke up very early sunday am - immediately sms my Dad ZEUS and implore him to make the weather perfect for hashing - which he did - cloudless sky - no wind - temp low 20s - a perfect day for hashing
Then off to the start
Most had arrived before me so were all standing and talking
MAD DOG upon seeing I had not brought my sister immediately burst out crying - where is she - where is she he kept saying - but alas for him my sister was still asleep in bed
Then at 11.15  FAIR COP called the pack to order - made me give all details re color of chalk. severity of the run etc etc

Then off went the pack lead by REAR ENTRY closely followed by THE BOOKMAKER who in spite of his advancing age still manges a decent gallop
A godly pace was run by all - even the ancient RIM JOB managed to keep up with the pack
MT GOAT without his favorite granddaughter was seen running as fast as father time
And so the pack ran and ran whilst the walkers with CLITORIA in the lead walked demurely along the long long path that eventually reaches Voula
THE BRIDE OF DEREKULA and WET DREAM nade there own weary way themselves no doubt mentally fortified by the thought of alcohol unlimited at the end of the walk/run
And so eventually all returned - then FAIR COP as RA started the circle - and still the weather was A1  Thank you Father ZEUS
Down downs were given to all - much to the delite of THE BRIDE OF DEREKULA and WET DREAM who drank and drank as if no tomorrow !!
Then FAIR COP insisted I assume the position of RA which i did with aplomb - but how else would I perform these duties like - 100% perfect
Then off to the Taverna down the hill - where choice was either Fish or Rabbit so all ate and gorged themselves as Hashers always do
So endith a fab hash outing
Filakia to you all GODESS ATHINA aka STRESS COW      xoxoxo