RUN NO 1662

There was I meandering slowly up the road in my trusty van when out of the corner of my eye i saw HAMISH dressed in hash gear  perched on a wooden fence at the side of the road. So I jammed on my brakes - which resulted in many vehicles behind also having to do the same, jumped out. sauntered over to HAMISH and asked what was he doing here ?? To which he replied there was a run starting from here with THE BOOKMAKER as hare. So I thought well why not - OK do not have any gear but why not run in my undies and shoes !!!

Then slowly others appeared REAR ENTRY with the SPY WHO SHA>>>>D ME with her sister - then  BLACK MAMBA with his missus and son and finally Mt GOAT and SHAG with the new hasher they acquired at  last weeks hash.

Then at 11.25 off we went - runners at speed all following me - all suitably excited at me in my undies - whilst the two walkers went off to view the ex Kings palace etc.
The weather was fantastic - cloudless sky - no wind - so warm for mid OCTOBER
All reckoned one of the best runs for many a week - so all upon returning drank as if no tomorrow.
Then appeared COKE DEALER with next weeks hare - coming only for the down downs.
So as the only committee person there THE BOOKMAKER conducted the circle.
Then in all my finerly I departed leaving  SHAG to complete the report.
So off we went to the taverna THE BOOKMAKER had said - only to find fully booked !! And he confirmed he had not booked us in !!- and for someone who has hashed for decades what a disaster.
But by many entrities REAR ENTRY convinced the Taverna we were all famished so had to be fed. And what a feast was produced !! The mezes were all shown on a tray so we could choose which we wanted - the duck was sublime - the other meats equally as good - so all ate and drank in the warm october afternoon under a still cloudless sky.
And as for our newest hasher well he slept peacefully at my feet whilst we all ate and drank.
So endith a fab day.
ONON until the neat hash  SHAG