Date  4th Oct 2009
Location Nea Pendeli
Hare The one and only SPANISH FLY
Scribe ME - the one and only SPANISH FLY
Weather was A1 - location as always mind boggling - and as for the trail - well I set it so it must have been one of the best.

So promptly at 11.19 off we went - the runners at great speed lead by that stalwart of the hash RIM JOB closely followed by COCKSTALE.    I was so glad she was there so all calling could be in German.
Whilst the walkers lead by the luscious CLITORIA made there heavenly way up the mountain all thinking they were akin to MOHAMMED climbing the holy mountain. So much so KUM KWIK was heard speaking verses from the KORAN whilst BOUBILINA and SCRUBBER were discussing the elections taking place - real serious talk
Meanwhile the runners were still running - yes amazing - even the ancient Mt. GOAT kept running all the falsies closely followed by BLACK MAMBA but without Zac - corralled at home for the day.
Finally the bucket hove in site - thank the lord PRICKLY BUSH was heard to mutter
Then the circle taken by our esteemed leader MAD DOG -all were given down downs - even the latecomers NAPOLEON BONI PART and COFFEE CREPE
And then off to the local German Beer Haus for sauerkraut and steins of Lager
OMPAH OMPAH as we say in Deut land