Run 1659
Date  20th Sept 09
Hares  S4S & MAD DOG

A 12 noon start according to the circular so there I was at the beginning a few minutes before the start with no hasher in site ??
So where were they - Finally a tel cal to me - where are you  - You are late  rubbish I say as here I am at the start - so where are you all ? - at end of pier !!! - so in due course they all appeared - and to my utmost pleasure included almost all AH3 with whom I have known for yonks -CLITORIA in all her majesty, LEANOVER as always off the perpendicular, KUM KWIK as lean and gazelle like as ever, SPANISH FLY as delicate as she always is, S4S for once hatless, BOUBILINA as always bubbling, HAMISH talking rubbish, DOGGIE STYLE wanting a 3 hour walk, SCRUBBER looking younger every time I see her - PLUS others.

So off we went following white for a change with both walkers and runners crisscrossing regularly - we then reached the beer stop at my exotic house and garden - Sorry, did I write beer stop - It should have been beers stop - for all starting drinking in vast quantities accompanied with kilos of Pistachio nuts.

Eventually I managed to get them all to continue the trail down to the beach (naturally via my shop) - where those brave enough ventured into the water for a foot wash or a swim.

Then the circle conducted by FAIR COP - again copious quantities of beer consumed.

Then off to the adjacent Taverna located right next the water so a most pleasant view. We waited and waited for the drink and food  Finally it arrived - All food to start was excellent then the standard fell so last dish was almost inedible !! A great pity and when we received the bill it was 18 euro each - somewhat higher than the hash has been spending over past few months and with the poor final dish it left somewhat of a sour taste in our mouths.

Then offback to my garden for some tea and still further chatting before we had to get down to the ferry - at least those who were not staying on the island. And on the walk down some were seen buying like there was no tomorrow !
So until the hash next visits AEGINA a fond farewell with lots of KISSES