Run 1658
Date  10th Sept 09
Location Loutsa for our AGPU

What a Day - What a Run - What a Fab Lunch cooked esp by WET DREAM -And Beer and wine to satisfy the thirstiest of Hashers including the one and only BRIDE OF DEREKULA.

Quiet frankly I have never experienced such an enjoyable day out with the hash.
Everything was perfect - the weather - the views for both the runners and the walkers - my ability to steal a huge bunch of grapes whilst passing this garden so all could enjoy the fresh fruit after all had gorged them selves with WET DREAMS massive spread.
So those of you who were absent missed a day to remember in Hashing annuals.
AS for the trail maybe a bit long - It took me nearly 3 hours to get round the complete run but I sure enjoyed  every minute of it. Because it took me so long I missed the circle conducted with aplomb by FAIR COP.

Awards were given to COFFEE CREPE and WET DREAM. Evidently the FRBs insisted on a quick circle so they could gorge themselves before those runners like myself finished the trail. But WET DREAM foresaw this possibility so there still was plenty of tucker for those of us who completed the whole run.

Then came the AGPU in the main conducted by the one and only one CLITORIA by blowing her hash whistle upon every suitable occasion - and there were many. And still the alcohol flowed COOK THE FOOK and SPANISH FLY drank and drank as if no tomorrows. And the merriment continued NAPOLEON was seen to nod off mainly due to him having to run so far- but he is rapidly becoming an elderly Hasher - so nodding off is permitted.

Then next weeks run was announced - AEGINA Island on the sunday with hare S 4 S with perhaps some help from LEAN OVER  Sure to be yet another fab day.
FILAKIA to u all