RUN 1655
WHERE -KAREAS - just down from the MONASTERY
HARE -COCKSTALE ( who else )
SCRIBE - Committee elected me unanimously

What a pack - started with so very few AH3 members - then with 5 mins to go up comes a mini coach with 12 Hamburg Hashers inside - So I was called upon to explain in my fluent German all about the run tonite - the various limitations placed upon us by the Greek Govt. - all to be ignored
Then a few mins later two taxis appear with 7 Milan hashers inside - luckily Mt. GOAT in his fluent Italian was able to explain the evenings festivities or at least I think he did ?? 

Then still later another taxi with 3 Mt. Hagen hashers inside dressed as if back home in only Arse Grass skirts - BRIDE Of DEREKULA was seen to faint at the site - Luckily HAMISH was able to communicate with them in their Pidgin English  and resurrect BRIDE Of DEREKULA back to her normal  happy go lucky self !!

Meanwhile FAIR COP had been so busy collecting the 3 euro run fee - in fact he collected so much that when almost at the end one visitor gave him a 100 euro note change was no problem - he was heard muttering good it makes the counting later tonite  by WET DREAM so much easier
So at about 19.15 off we went- up and up and up nearly as far as the monastery - then off one way went the walkers whilst the runners followed my trail - and they sure had to follow my trail - any deviation resulted in either me swearing in German or Mt. GOAT in Italian
Finally back to the bucket where I had excelled myself in providing really icy cold beer ( future hares take note !! )

FAIR COP took the circle though he found it difficult with so many different languages - eg jokes had to be translated into 6 or 7 different languages - almost an impossible task
Then down the hill to our favourite Rabbit Taverna - where all ate and ate and gorged themselves with masses of furless rabbits and litre after litre of wine.

The visitors all commended me on an excellent run and choice of Taverna - the number of kisses I received was mind boggling - my cheeks are still ringing - and you know which cheeks !!!! OXY you deviant !!
Finally all off back to their various beds
Love and kisses as always