RUN 1640
Date  MAY 24th 09



There was I sitting on my balcony sipping a cleansing ale with ZAC at my feet when the tel rang! FAIR COP on other end saying that I have been elected scribe for the run . OK I said. Then 10 mins later the tel rang again MAD DOG on other end saying can I do run report now so he could put it up on web ! And this at 9 pm on the sunday evening. Then 10 mins later the tel rings again !! This time SCRUBBER on tel - remember when doing run report comment on my immaculate dress sense. So all I could say to ZAC was get up as we have to do the run report now. So here it is written at nearly 10 pm on the sunday nite.
It sure was a warm day esp up in the hills behind Lavrio when all of us arrived. Not as many as last week - maybe the distance put some off - instead they went off to the beach! Initially MAD DOG regaled us with the history of mining in the area.  Mt. GOAT as a great grandson of one of the slaves who mined all those centuries ago commented vocally at all that had happened then.

Then all runners and walkers were off to visit the actual mines both vertical and horizontal and then also the settling ponds - all very interesting and not too physically exhausting in the heat of the day. Then the hard run started - and in the heat it was sure hard - even THE BOOKMAKER was heard complaining. CURRENTLY UNNAMED SHAKEEL was saying just like back home in Pakistan. Eventually  the runners returned with REAR ENTRY well ahead of the rest.

And then the circle conducted as usual by FAIR COP  -  Down downs were awarded to many with bloody legs - just showed the terrain we all had had to travel through. And then MAD DOG announced the picnic was to be held about 3 ks closer to Lavrio in a very well wooded area. So in car convoy all went. A great location - seating for all esp LOST PRICK and BURNT RUBBER who had brought stolen USA Embassy seats. Food galore - in fact too much - and oodles and oodles of both red and white wines
So a great time was had by all.
So now at nearly 11pm am off to bed - think I will sleep with ZAC tonite - he snores less than PRICKLY BUSH !!!!
ONON as Always