Run  1639
Date 17th May 09
Where Near top of Mt. PENDELI
Scribe  C est Moi BORN FREE


Alors Weather wise we had everything WIND , RAIN, SUN, COLD, WARM.

And the start - made me so homesick - It was as if I was in the hills behind NOUMEA looking down on the city with the blue waters of the PACIFIC in the distance
But alas I was not - instead up in the heights of Mt. PENDELI.

And what a turn out - visitors from Florida , England and elsewhere  as well as the usual regular AH3  And for the second week running  Mt. GOATS missus.

So shortly after 11am off we went and straight downhill and downhill. BLACK MAMBA was heard to say this must mean we shall be going uphill at some later stage - Pearls of wisdom from an old sage.
And down and down we went - the lower altitude resulting in the weather being so much warmer. Eventually we began climbing - and did we have to climb - the hare made us all go up right to the top of the mountain far above the start.

Mt.GOAT was shattered at all the exertion. He was heard to mutter that some 124 years ago he had set a run in the locality but much shorter.

Meanwhile the walkers lead by KUM KWIK had been exploring various caves doted all over the mountain  without losing anyone - just amazing!

Finally all returned and due to the cold weather all congregated outside the church which had kindly placed benches and tables for the hash under cover.

GODDESS ATHENA (aka STRESS COW) produced a fab cheese cake - evidently her UNCLE ZEUS owned the recipe !!

Then calamity - the BBQ put there by the hare the previous nite had vanished. So what to do with all the meat we had to cook ? But by luck the missing BBQ was spotted someway down the Mt. so was retreived in a somewhat battered condition.

Then CURRENTLY UNNAMED YIANNIS took it upon himself to be head chef so in due course all partook of hot meat
And so the afternoon progressed.

CLITORIA free from a man at last was her usual impolite self singing all her favourite songs whilst BOUBILINA was BOUBILINA.

SPAZMODICs daughter conducted herself exactly as if she was SPAZ. MAD DOG was seen with tears in his eyes dreaming of all the great times we had had with SPAZ.

Finally late afternoon it was remembered we still had to have the circle. So MAD DOG conducted it with aplomb.

Gave awards to all and sundry esp OXY who was awarded a tee for always being the FRB. He looked so sexy wearing it. I would have loved to have snuggled up to him wearing it in front of a roaring wood fire. But alas it was not to be. Still I can always dream!!
So endith a very full day as we all came down to reality and the noises of Athens.