Run 1638
Date          10th May
Scribe         REAR ENTRY

Ok we waited and waited for late comers -  STRESS COW came nearly 30 mins late  her excuse UNCLE ZEUS had been giving her work to do.
So finally at later than 11.30 off the pack went - the runners lead by SPY SHAGGER - so much so she had lost the pack so far behind she almost had to drop in to the nearest Taverna for a Meze whilst waiting for the rest of the runners.

But eventually the remaining pack staggered up to her  - and off again they went - through the city centre and then on to the old bridge -  WHIP IT looked down, saw the water moving at speed - checked his vision - yes the water was moving so fast - Mt. GOAT who managed to arrive then confirmed the speed of the water - far quicker than I can run - but then at his advanced age what does one expect.

Then the run continued on the mainland side - Questions asked ? How to get back to the start. A swim perhaps !!  A boat trip - so many suggestions. Finally the horrible thought arose - back over the new bridge - but that 100's of Kms away - impossible impossible said and thought the pack. But alas it was to be - so on and on we ran until the new bridge hove in sight - and there wandering over it were the walkers - DOGGIE STYLE in the lead followed by BOUBILINA and CAFE CREPE.

And so all back to the bucket where as usual were BRIDE OF DEREKULA and currently unnamed JACK downing the alcohol as if this was the last to drink in the world.
And so to the circle with FAIR COP in charge - a somewhat brief affair as all wanted to be off to the nosh house.
So lead by the hare NAPOLEON'S BONY PART the convoy went - the same taverna as some 18 months ago - still A1 for quality and price - so all noshed and drank their way through a Halkidian afternoon.

Yes a beautiful location - an excellent day I am sure enjoyed by all
So until next weeks extravaganza