Run No 1637
Date    3rd MAY

Finally the committee appointed me as scribe - just why it had taken them so long to ask me defies logic !! and common sense.
Weather wise a beautiful day at a location not known to most.

As usual the run started late  - we always seem to have to await some hashers who have difficulty getting there by 11am.
But finally off we went - and at a very fast pace - lead by me - who else  !!! the runners quickly had to climb and climb up from the beach.

So within a few minutes those elderly hashers like MT. GOAT , WHIP IT and RIM JOB were left far behind.
Us younger and fitter ones like BLACK MAMBA, MAD DOG and currently unnamed GARY kept up the pace.

And what a pace!! Never before has the hash run at such speed. I question why?  Maybe the thought of icy cold beer at the end or a swim in the MED - but for whatever reason the pack roared around the trail.

Finally the circle - FAIR COP took it and dully called most in for various misdemeanours.
KUM KWIK thought the run was a bit short - an interesting comment since he did not run the trail this week but for a change walked with COOK THE FOOK and others.

REAR ENTRY then lead the hashers into the water for a cleansing wash.
Then all partook themselves off to the taverna to eat and eat and drink and drink and be merry.
So endith a great run.
Well done REAR ENTRY
as always love and kisses