RUN 1633
5th April

Doggie Style

Having read the run report by WHIP IT I noticed no mention of the walkers trail and as I had spent 100s of hours researching the walkers trail I naturally felt most irked at no mention of all my effort and the enjoyment all the walkers got from following my trail.

HAMISH when promoting me to lead the walkers had mentioned that I should simultaneously speak in French, English and Greek when taking the walkers around the MARITIME MUSEUM. But stupid HAMISH forgot to tell me I had also to speak in Russian and Georgian!! So there I was leading the pack now having to speak 5 different languages simultaneously.
So off we went down to the entrance of the museum - in we all went and up onto the battleship AVEROF - a most imposing vessel - nearly 100 years old and still in fighting condition so much so that SPY SHAGGER wanted to fire the main guns!! The various crews quarters down below were seen - the officers mess room was worthy of a hash meal at a local Taverna - the engine room was so clean one could almost eat on the floor.
And then the TRIREME - nearly as old as MAD DOG! A most impressive and interesting vessel. Luckily one of the UK instigators of building this replica had conveniently died a couple of weeks ago so his obituary in the UK Times newspaper gave much detail about the origin and sea worthiness of such a vessel. So I was able to quote at length from this newspaper report and all were suitably impressed!!
Finally after well over an hour my voice gave up so in sign language told all to depart and return to the start where plenty of lubricating champagne was available especially for myself!!
Here endith my first but not last run report.