RUN 1633
DATE Sunday 5th April
LOCATION Adjacent Maritime Museum Faliro

Whip It

Why me? Not long here in Athens from the THESS Hash already commandeered into setting a run.
(Yes an ATHENS HASH virgin hare!! So where is my virgin Tee Shirt - Nod nod wink wink  say no more)
Then today press ganged by HAMISH into being the champagne pourer  (OK It meant I could chat up all the harriett's) - then by CLITORIA into being the scribe - so what next for poor me??

So to the run and festivities.
I was late due many many reasons - but finally arrived to see the multitude had awaited my arrival. So as soon as I had changed the circle was called - and the hares gave instructions -  DOGGIE STYLE said all walkers were going with her into the Maritime Museum where she would impart her vast knowledge to all attendees. The runners were under the tutelage of SHIVA.

So at about 11.30 off the two packs started both in opposite directions.
As I went with the runners have no idea about what  all the walkers did.
And it was a picturesque trail well laid by SHIVA - BLACK MAMBA was heard muttering how nice it was. Currently Unnamed YIANNIS ran as if a pack of wild horses were after him. MT GOAT without SPY SHAGGER to help him croaked his way around the trail.  However NAPOLEON was at hand to assist him whenever required.
Finally the unwelcome news came It was an A to B run so all were expected to catch the tram back to the start.
However REAR ENTRY was having none of that so he took some of the pack with him and ran back to the start.
And what did we see there ? None other than the BRIDE OF DEREKULA downing champagne as if there was no tomorrow.
And thus all the runners partook of the champagne very pleased that the walkers had not returned - as more for us.

Finally much later the walkers dribbled in - one by one - all suddenly knowledgeable in GREEK maritime history.
Thus the runners were subjected to history lessons for the remainder of the day!!
And thus commenced the circle with FAIR COP as usual leading the affair.
However the GODDESS ATHENA then put in a late appearance and said she was both hare and RA at next weeks run.
Down downs were awarded to so many - visitor OZISSITALIA drank  as if she had been weaned on champagne.
And then to the fish meal adjacent to the circle - all seemed to be gluttons - typical of  hashers throughout the world. Exactly the same as the THESS hash.

And so as light rain started all made their weary way home - not quite Gray’s eulogy in a country churchyard!!
ON ON to next week’s extravaganza by GODDESS ATHENA (also known as STRESS COW)
Where I hope to escape any duties