Run 1631 Date 22/03/2009
Location Near Nea Makri
Weather As usual fab
Scribe NAPOLEON etc etc Who Else


For the last many weeks I have been subjected to read run reports in English that no one in France would have tried to write . They are written as if by so called educated Albanians !!
So finally a run report in proper English
An incredible location up in the mountains - I pity those hashers who failed to make the run - for the scenery fantastic
With no committee member present our elderly KUM KWIK took over
So off we went Currently Unnamed GARY in the lead  closely followed by WHIP IT. MT GOAT still suffering from old age tried to keep up.   Luckily SPY SHAGGER was at hand to help the old man stay with the pack . She sure will be programmed for the Nobel Prize for looking after ancient hashers
And on and on we went hills came and hills went with gay abandon . All in all a great run even though calling in Englise
Then the circle - not nearly as good as last weeks conducted by the GODDESS ATHENA but still Ok.  KUM KWIK called all into the circle even myself as scribe. REAR ENTRY got a down down for last weeks ordering at the taverna . Evidently OXY still thinks he should have been there
And so off to next weeks excursion. Hare Currently unnamed GARY. 
ONON NAPOLEON ( in fluent English )