Run No 1630 on 15th March 2009
Location -Temple of Poseidon , Sounion
Scribe ME the delectable delicious ATHENA (aka STRESS COW)


Weather Fab so many came but no one on the committee so all present unanimously elected me as everything for the day. Luckily was able to delegate the cash collection to SCRUBBER.
So in due course introduced the hare to all present then off all went down to the water first then on up into the surrounding hills  - both the runners lead by BORN FREE and the walkers by NAPOLEON - a French take over for the day!!

And up and up went the runners along good marked paths with views for Km and Km.
Currently Unnamed YIANNIS was there with his GRAND DAUGHTER bringing up the rear.
And on and on we went a never ending trail even REAR ENTRY started complaining at the length. SPY SH===ER and her eastern European Friend short cut back to the cars so they could visit the TEMPLE foc. Finally all got back to the start.

Then I insisted the circle be conducted within the ruins of the Temple of ATHINA so off we took all the liquid refreshments to these ruins. I then conducted the circle.

Never has there been such a well conducted circle .!! Even GISPERT would have been clapping from his grave !!
I awarded down downs to so many !!  The 3 French sang as a perfect trio -  The East Europeans toasted the hash with vodka, vodka and more  vodka.

HAMISH got a down down for instigating Cyclone HAMISH in Northern Queensland. Uncle ZEUS would have been pleased !!
KUM KWIK kept praising me for all my excellence.

Finally the end of the circle and all off to the Taverna . And what a Taverna!! Named Isabella it is world famous for its food and ambiance. Luckily BLACK MAMBA had booked as it was obviously extremely popular. REAR ENTRY ordered - Giant Prawns (and they sure were Giant), Succulent Calamari , Horta to die for!! and so much else And all for 18 euro each !! A feast to remember.

So onwards to next weeks run where again I aim to be in charge !!
Filakia as always to you all.
L&K   STRESS COW (though goddess ATHENA for the day)