Date: 15 February 2009

Run: 1626

Venue: Spata

Hare: The Bookmaker

Scribe: St. Valentine (guess who?)




On a cold winter day out at SPATA we all assembled.

MY GOAT sidled up to me and in a stage whisper asked me to be the scribe for the day.
Do not like the other scribes reports he muttered.
Reckon you would be far much better.
But I take the hash photos I said. Never mind he said I will take them this week. I am always in the middle of the pack so very easy for me.
So at 11.15 off we went - the runners lead by currently unnamed YIANNIS - the walkers lead by currently unnamed JACK.

Both packs set off in the same direction and were together for some 10 mins or so.
Then the walkers veered off into a huge complex . What is it the walkers asked ?? They then discovered it was a wedding centre capable of dealing with a 800 guest wedding !!


DOGGIE STYLE then convinced the lady looking after this complex that she should provide us with coffee and so it came for the 5 walkers - excluding currently unnamed JACK who does not like coffee.

Meanwhile the runners were trying to keep up with currently unnamed YIANNIS  completely unaware the walkers were not walking but sitting down on plush chairs politely drinking coffee.

MT GOAT kept taking photos galore - so much so that FAIR COP wondered if he would run out of film . But when asked he said  - Film what is that !!  we then discovered he had never taken a camera in his hands in his life !!
But on and on and on went the pack with no sign this week of OXY bringing up the rear.
Finally the bucket was reached with THE BOOKMAKER back first - he was the hare so did not get lost.

The rest slowly came into sight one by one with MAD DOG last in.
Then the circle with BOUBILINA beer mistress.

Icy cold beer was provided.
FAIR COP took the circle called most in for their down downs.

Next weeks run was announced - KUM KWIK hare  - start the 10,000 German cemetery. 
So my first time as scribe !!


Prickly Bush