Run No 1624
Hare Mad Dog
Scribe Leanover
Location Mt. Pendeli
Weather Sunny


What a turnout for a winter run
Hashers came from everywhere
LEANOVER was heard saying to MAD DOG in Arabic - so nice to see so many old faces here esp as today I am away from the fleshpots of Abu Dhabi-- MAD DOGs reply not printable !!
So at 11.15 the RA for the day DINGBAT called the pack to order
All obeyed apart from LIPPY who was her usual self
Then off they went with WAYWARD in the lead closely followed by MISLAID as always speaking and shouting in French
At he first Check I SEE ASS went off at a tangent as she always  does
SEXY BUM however went after her and did manage to stop her before she vanished into the mists ( of time )
And so the pack continued on its merry way. CONSTIPATED continued to be CONSTIPATED the whole way - No wonder he was given that name all those years ago by WANKER
Finally after so may Ks the pack arrived back at the bucket
CAPT BLOW took command as usual - had all standing to attention - even FLESH GORDON obeyed
SEMEN STAINES was dully errected beer maister for the ONON s which went on well into the mid afternoon
Down downs given to so many - see photos attached - in fact the beer ran out so the final down downs were only water  - SPUD was most upset by this
Then off to the Taverna for grub and booze which all consumed as if no tomorrow
So endith the days outing - maybe never to be repeated