Run no 1623
Held -  Glyfada
Hare -  Hamish
Why? Because tomorrow OZ national Day
Weather - Typical Melbourne - all  types in one day

Scribe - Hamish



And so they gathered under initially a cloudless sky - all from the North said how sunny and warm it was for the end of January
And many came including NAPOLEON and his MISSUS all the way from Halkida where they are again living - this time for at least a year
MT. GOAT tried to park at rear of the church - when noticed with his beard was assumed to be a priest in disguise so was asked to enter and take the service !! Luckily he managed to sprint to safety
So at 11.15 FAIR COP called the pack to order and HAMISH as hare informed they were today running on green - much easier to see in all Glyfadas parks
FLOPPY DICK was elected TM for the run - and off they went  - initially along the tram line with BOUBILINA as usual in the lead 
Then at Platia Vergoti a sharp turn inland passed the golf course , the old airport , many houses until all suitably lost in the mass of streets in the area
But eventually REAR ENTRY came across HAMISHs flat so knowing where they now were got the pack back to the start safely
By which time it had cooled down with clouds developing
So the circle was conducted with speed   - Down downs to the returnees and 2 visitors / Virgins
Then off to the Souvlaki joint called ZAXOS only 100 m from the start  - so nearly all attendees went
And we ate and ate and drank and drank under canvas with gas heaters to warm us and the heavens opened - the roads became rivers so we continued eating and drinking - finally when the storm ceased the bill was called for.
And KUM KWIK was busy entertaining two adjacent nubile young ladies by plying them with our left over  wine !! 
 Then WET DREAM screamed 10 euro each including a huge tip !! And no food for currently unnamed JACK !!
So off home we all went with full stomachs and looking forward to next weeks outing
Those who may remember and read the circular would have noted the run according to CLIT was to be starting in ANO GLYFADA so if where we started was there where was GLYFADA ? Halfway to Aegina perhaps so maybe Atlantis should be renamed