Run No - Vassilopita Run - 4th Jan 2009
Where - Syngrou Park, Maroussi
Hare -  Rear Entry
Weather - Almost Halycon

Scribe - Hamish McTavish Esq.

The pack started arriving in time - all seemed somewhat apprehensive - Why ? - because the hare Rear Entry is renowned for setting runs in strange locations throughout Attica so pity help any runner who gets lost . He or She could be lost for hours
So Syngrou Park this time - maybe he has found underground tunnels or overhead walkways - but certainly it will not be normal
Then 11am comes  he announces no trail !!  For when setting it yesterday he was nearly arrested by officialdom for sprinkling blue flour on the ground !!
So no alternative but to be a live hare - with a 10 min start
Ok said the pack resigned to waiting 10 mins
Then for the next 5 mins Rear Entry ran round the car park like a chook with no head !!
Finally off he went
5 min later the pack set off.   Stress Cow  took the lead  at speed so much so that the elderly runners Mt Goat and Fair Cop could not keep up so almost vanished at the back of the pack
The run progressed in a clockwise trail - cheques ( correct spelling ) came and went Stress Cow still easily in the lead closely followed by Cocks Tail with all others well behind
And because trail set clockwise eventually all returned to the start
Where low and behold another pack was there !!
Evidently all had arrived later so off they went on their own trail lead by Currently Unnamed Jack closely followed by Boubilina , Bride of Derekula , Rim Job and Cook the Fook - But no OXY !!!!
So the 2 packs joined in the drinking before the walkers appeared lead by Clit - still crying at the absence of her dearly beloved EX
Then the real festivities commenced
Spy Shagger cut the Vassilopita - Rear Entry opened the champagne bottles and all partook as well as firing off hand held bangers _ NO not sausages - but that that went bang bang and frightened all surrounding wild life
Then currently unnamed Yianni found the gold coin - luckily he did not eat it but upon showing it was presented with a huge prize - looked like a copy of himself !!
Then the circle - more champagne for all -  Down Downs for the second hash ie the late comers  and still no OXY !!
Finally the hash ground to its end
The next weeks run was announced - so all expected to attend
Here endith the run report