Run: 1511 or 1512 or something like that

Date: 31 December 2006

Location: Pendeli

Hare: All Day Sucker

Scribe: Budwanker

“Happy New Year…if you survive!”

On New Year’s Eve, A3H hashers gathered pretty much out in the middle of nowhere for the last run of the year.  Before we get to that though, it’s time to look back at some of the year’s highlights, or lowlights.  See how many of these you can remember:

Puppy Killer on the ski slopes

The Red Dress Run and Miss Red Dress Run ‘The Scarlet Pimp’

The British Invasion

Shiva’s 8 hour run

The Illustrious

The first Splash Hash

Spring Island weekend in the Peloponnese “The Ball Buster”

Fall Island weekend on Evia

Hash Weddings for Bookmaker / Fiery Twat and Rear Entry / Spy Shagger

A3H’s 1500th Run

The unfortunate departures of Pink Jenny, Shiva, Dwarf Blower, FU Gasper, and Semper Hurlis

New hashers Black Mamba, Maximus Pooh, Sore Ass, and Yet to be named Polly

Mountain Goat’s 700th run, Mountain Goat’s 701st Run, for that matter Mountain Goat’s 702nd Run

I’m sure there are many other moments and people I’ve missed, live with it.

Now, back to the run.  ADS, having found the most remote spot on the planet for his run (think I’m exaggerating?  We started by a cave used by an infamous Greek bandit for years, the Greek Army to hide armor from the Turks, and UBL to hide from Dubya).  After all of us managed to find the place, no small feat, we started up.  Into the quarry we went, soaking up the ancient history of the location where the Parthenon marble came from.  There were the usual nasty falsies, up hills, and runs along the quarry.  Then something new and different.  The path took a quick left and everybody looked forward to a nice down hill stretch.  However, it was straight down a rock slide!  “Stay on the Blue!”  ADS bellowed.  Easier said then done when the blue keeps moving, along with the hashers.  Slowly, and largely on their butts, the hashers made their way down.  Rim Job took one look at what was going on and decided to take an easier way down; Mountain Goat skipped the whole thing and ran all the way around the hill.  Finally, everybody was down more or less safely.  Off again, there, the On In!  Wait, right after, a falsie as ADS tried to F**k the group both coming and going.

At the end Hamish, the lone walker, was waiting patiently.  After starting a nice bonfire the circle commenced with the usual down downs for the hare.  Your faithful scribe was awarded the FRB, apparently for his ten seconds leading the pack.  The Shit of the Week went to ADS for his death defying trail. Various other transgressions were noted, or made up, until everybody had at least one down down.  The hash anointed a new music maestro when Scarlet Pimp had the nerve to remark we needed some new songs.  Then, instead of a Taverna, it was beer, wine, and some soup pulled out of the back of ADS’s car while enjoying the great view.  Later that night, Hamish hosted the Hash New Year’s Eve party.

Next Week it’s Rear Entry’s Run north of Kifissia.