Run: 1510

Date: 17 December 2006

Location: Melissia

Hare: Mad Dog

Scribe: Budwanker

“Tis the Season”

On 17 December A3H hashers gathered in the frigid 70 degree weather (well, most Greeks think it’s frigid anyway) of Melissia to celebrate the holiday season.  Hashers were encouraged to wear something Christmassy and many brought Greek Christmas treats.  Gluwine was also provided and, suitably fortified, the hashers set out.

Is it this way?  No, falsie, what a surprise, we’re going up-hill.  Up and around the hill the hashers went, over the rivers (or dry creek beds anyway) and through the woods, but no Grandmother’s house was cited.  At one check, the hare, apparently filled with the Christmas spirit, began urging the standing around hashers one way, was he giving us a gift?  No, he was doing his Grinch impression, the trail was the other way, and he will only get coal for Christmas this year.  At one point the trail went down and parallel to a road way.  To no one’s surprise, Mountain Goat, with the traditional Christmas call of “ON ON you Bastards” blazed his own trail back to the on in.  Everyone else straggled in, many still wearing their Christmas finery.  After some more wine and food, the circle commenced.

The hare, our very own Mad Dog, was acknowledged for his trail, and for the significant accomplishment of 250 runs, his pathetic life celebrated with an appropriate down-down.

The has continued the celebration of Mountain Goat’s 700th run by giving him a couple of presents to commemorate his accomplishment, a framed certificate and a couple of Mountain Goats suitable for wearing as earrings. He also earned himself shit of the week.  The FRB was awarded to a new recipient, yet to be named Maria, for her exploits in the front of the pack.  The penis award went back to tradition and was awarded to Polly, who was on her way back to the UK and needed something to keep her company.  Those not in the Christmas Sprit were given some “Christmas Cheer” in the form of a warm beer to get them in the mood.

Finally, Christmas is the season of giving, and your GM and RA felt the hash should give as well, a new name to a deserving hasher.  While several hashers present had not been named, it was yet to be named Maria’s time.  She had been anxiously looking forward to the day for some time.  A bucket was brought up, and a suitable amount of ice deposited.  However, in perhaps the greatest act of chivalry since Sir Walter Raleigh UtB sat himself in the ice and let Maria sit on his lap.  Maria had been stretching before the run, and, when asked about it, admitted that, if she didn’t, she ended up with a sore butt.  This was all RA Fair Cop needed to christen her “Sore Ass”.  Maria seemed all teared up from the name, although it’s possible that was from the cold beer being poured on her.  The circle was closed and it was off to Taverna.  Next week it’s the annual (every six years or so) Christmas Eve run, courtesy of Fair Cop.