A week late, but this is the AHHH so we can do what we like! In keeping I am writing the Shit a week late, so those of you that want a New Year party, double check we are not having it on the 7th of January.


VENUE KOUVARA or, as usual, near enough to, and not close enough to anywhere else.

HARE The Bookmaker

SCRIBE Fiery Tw*t

So we gather once again to thank our founder Brian Grey for importing the idea of Hashing into the Cradle of Civilisation allowing Athens Hash House Harriers to partake of the heady mixture of running and drinking originally spawned in the jungles of SE Asia.

We met in an idyllic forest clearing, a bit like the setting for the play within a play of Midsummer Nights Dream, but this was nearly Midwinter, except no one has told the Greek gods to open the faucet and let the rains flow or the wind blow, so we were basking in midday sun. Midday as we were on a recovery from the Hash Xmas Bash the night b4, although most were looking very sprightly.

Lots of good runners turned out for the expected legstretcher and lungbreaker of a Bookmaker run…..and they were not disappointed.

Budwanker and Fair Cop were presiding and luckily Oxymoron turned up early, as we had to send him off for some beer, as the mismanagement committee had had a bit of a misunderstanding on whether we needed to buy any more beer or not. Surely the answer to the question ‘do we need more beer?’ should be a simple YES…… always?

Bookmaker set us all off on a trail of blue with a forceful ON ON thataway, and KumKwik took charge of the wankers for a stroll in the wooded glades.

Early leader was Banger bouncing in her springbok fashion in front, with Mash close in pursuit and FT banging away and Up the Bumper checking up the hills and keeping an eye out for Yet to be Named Maria (we must be waiting for the weather to break?) Rear Entry was on good form, although he took some early abuse on following FT in the wrong choice at every check. Black Mamba gave it his best and Maddog and Stress Cow ensured our virgin Angie came home safely. Polli was slowed down by having to take Fab Photos that capture the inner hasher….apparently she is collecting them for a new book on Abnormal Psychology. Last but not least we had an odd arrangement holding up at the rear of Rim Job ( who has taken over Gobby Biggles’ position of Hash MotorMouth) and All Day Sucker who blamed the fact he has been an All Day Drinker  for an extended period in the pursuit of his chosen career at the Australian Embassy!

Bookmaker managed to fool us all by NOT taking us to the Monastery and by turning right at most checks til he turned left at the next 5 and still made a circular run. If you have ever done any geometry you will know that this is not kosher at all!

Anyway after an extremely taxing ON INN uphill and more uphill, we came into the home straight, with the girls having well passed the boys, as they all had to walk , apparently something to do with the way their tackle swings on an uphill slope? We knew we were nearly home as we passed Oxymoron communing with nature and we know he never goes out of earshot of the 1st Amstel can being popped.

The circle was MEGA fun due to Fair Cop’s new Belisha Cop Helmet and the interplay of the wits of the hash as Budwanker allowed Maddog not to tell a joke and we had lots of awards to recognise people who have made the effort 25, 50 or 100 times and a few that fell over and so needed the Flying Club song, including goggle actions and sung in tune to the Dambusters theme.

We also took our Founders Day photo which we send to Brian Grey every year as a Christmas card to remind him of the hell he unleashed that continues unabated.

ON ON AHHH for another year of running, drinking and whining