Run: 1507


Date: 3 December 2006


Location: Dionysous


Hares: Love Bug and Lester


Scribe: Budwanker



“Deferred Gratification”


The first run in December took place in lovely Dionysous on Sunday.  A good sized group gathered at the foot of the mountain for the day’s run.  Not even bothering to try the normal hare story of a flat run, Love Bug assured the gathered masses that the run went up hill, but swore there would be a down hill later.  Lester mentioned something about Deferred Gratification, and it quickly turned out he knew what he was talking about.  Up the hill the trail went, then it went up some more, kept going straight up the hill, the finally continued up the hill.  Even the normal FRB’s were reduced to walking.


Finally, the exhausted hashers reached the marble quarry.  Your faithful scribe’s suggestion that we take a chunk of marble for a hash memorial turned out to be slightly unworkable (something about a lack of dynamite).  The path then wound to a small church, where some intrepid Greeks were apparently Christmas Tree Shopping.  A number of hashers undoubtedly uttered a small prayer for their many sins.  Then the promised downhill started, through narrow gulches and brush to the bottom of the hill.  Then the trail inexplicably ended, after several minutes of searching the trail was picked up again and the hashers ran on in.  After a few minutes waiting for the majority of the walkers, although Kum Kwik and Ada were still missing, the circle started. 


While the circle started normally, hares acknowledged, offenses on trail (including Rear Entry for false calling) were handed out.  Then things started to go rapidly down hill.  Coke Dealer, with a little help, almost managed to get the Christmas party cancelled due to her inability to correctly pronounce English words, and is rapidly challenging Fiery Twat for Hash inability to keep quiet.  Polly had one of the penis awards and gave a really long speech before awarding it to Mad Dog (the tradition of just awarding it to women having apparently gone out the window).  Oxy then came forward to present the shit of the week.  Showing an appalling lack of observation skills he awarded it to your faithful scribe for showing up “pissed off” your scribe’s pointing out he wasn’t at all “pissed off” upon arrival notwithstanding.  Greece being the cradle of Democracy, a vote was taken, proving, again, the democracies can sometimes be wrong (after all, Dubya was elected president of the U.S.) the majority (actually everyone) sided with Oxy.  For appalling lack of judgment, the GM awarded everyone a down down.   At this point, Coke Dealer was still complaining about the Christmas Party, so, to keep her quiet, it was reinstated.  The circle began to wind down, mostly from utter exhaustion, when Kum Kwik and Ada finally wandered in for the last down down’s.  Next week it’s the Christmas party at Budwanker’s and the Founder’s Day Run, a week late, somewhere in or around Athens.