Run: 1503


Date: 4 November 2006


Location: Papagou


Hare: Budwanker


Scribe: Budwanker



The Anti-Marathon


In 490 BC a small band of Athenians and their allies defeated the Persians on the plains of Marathon.  Legend has it that Phillipides ran all the way back to Athens (having already run between Athens and Sparta before the battle, the ancient Greeks apparently only having one long distance runner) to announce the victory and collapsed dead.  Every year the city of Athens hosts a Marathon over the original course to commemorate this deed.  AH3 gathered together last Saturday, the day before the marathon, for a run by your faithful scribe who, to put in mildly, doesn’t do Marathons.


Hashers gathered at Budwanker’s usual jumping off point, and, with the temperature and sun dropping, quickly set out.  The hashers first had to brave a group of renegade dirt-bikers who looked a lot like ancient Persians.  Then came Budwanker's tribute to the heroes of Marathon, who buried their dead a mound that remains to this day.  The AH3 version was a trail that went straight up a hill.  Up the hashers went, only the find a falsie.  Here the best laid plans of mice and hashers went astray.  The hare received a phone call from Kum Kwik, Scrubber, and Ada, who despite being in the same parking area as all the cars, claimed they couldn’t see any cars.  At the same time the falsies had been found but the hare, being on the phone, couldn’t “advise” the hashers to go all the way down the hill.  The hashers scattered to look for the trail, finally heading down, as UTB went in search of Maria, who apparently liked the hill so much she tried to see the whole thing.  Off the hashers, and the above mentioned Kum Kwik et al on the walkers trail, headed out.  The trail wandered through some new areas then headed towards the Attiki Odos and hill that the hare was quite fond of going up.  However, see above on best laid plans, UTB found the trail going back off a check and, instead of a cleverly laid falsie, the runners headed back towards the on in.  S4S, playing the role of Mountain Goat for this run, ran off through the bush trailing another hasher to blaze his own trail.  However everyone met up at the on in and arrived back at the start just as the sun was setting.


It being too cold to have a proper circle, all headed off the Chez Budwanker for the circle and traditional pasta party.  The circle commenced with the usual saluting of the hare, offenses on trail included S4S’s invention of his own trail.  Kum Kwik, Scrubber, and Ada received a communal down-down for Blindness, UtB received the coveted FRB award (then Fair Cop gave your faithful scribe a down in one for stating the obvious).  Oxymoron got the coveted Oxymoron memorial down-down for missing the run.  As the circle wound down it was noticed that yet to be named Christopher had avoided a down down, this was quickly remedied, but, with one last beer remaining Fair Cop debated before awarding it (yet again) to your faithful scribe for not having to drive home.  Finally, the circle ended and it was time for the traditional Pasta dinner and party.


Next week it’s a Fiery Twat run in, big surprise here, Markopoulo.