Run: 1502


Date: 29 October 2006


Location: Pendeli


Hare: Yet to be named Andrew


Scribe: Budwanker




“Did we lose the damn walkers again?”


A3H hashers gathered on the Sunday before Halloween for YTBNA’s first run near the quarry in Pendeli.  What horrors and frights awaited the brave, but foolhardy, hashers who had been brave enough to show up?  Only time would tell.  Storm clouds began to gather overhead and the wind had a supernatural chill to it as the hashers took off.  The runners ran into the quarry looking around in confusion as they tried to determine where the trail was going among the sheer cliff walls.  There in front of them was a sight to send chills down the spine of the bravest hasher, the trail when straight up the cliff.  Up the hashers went, blood was spilled, curses against the hare were uttered, a few death-defying moments occurred, but, in the end, all the hashers emerged at the top and set out.  The hare had set a trail that did a good job keeping the pack together and the group ran on in good spirits completely unaware of what awaited them.  First it was up a hill to a dead end and the inevitable falsie. 


Having survived that the pack set out again in a good mood, the falsie was behind them.  Little did they know that the trail led to another dead-end and yet another falsie.  Yes, it was the horrifying double falsie.  After that experience it was all the hashers could do to stagger back to the start.  Drinks were opened and everyone gather together for the kind of talk that only occurs among those who have faced death together.  However, a cloud hung over the group, the walkers had not returned yet (those of you who have been following our story for the last few months will not be surprised at this).  What terrible fate had befallen them?  Had they run afoul of a Greek witch, a psychotic killer, a land shark?  No, Spanish Fly had just mis-read the map, and, in due time, the walkers straggled in.


Then it was time for the circle.  YTBNA was recognized for a good run.  Spanish Fly was recognized for failing to read a map.  UTB was awarded 2 DIO’s, one for flying club and one for TMI on trail.  He hadn’t actually committed either of these offenses, but the person he brought with him, Maria, was too shy to brave the circle!  Your faithful scribe was hit for bleeding without permission, and, somehow, was awarded the FRB.  Two visiting hashers, Krusty the Clown and Dutch Oven Loving from Atlanta, Georgia, were welcomed.  Several virgins were welcomed, including the aforementioned Maria who was finally convinced to enter the circle.  Subbing for Fair Cop as music maestro, ADS showed why he shouldn’t give up his day job when he tried to compose a song.  Finally, it was off to Taverna, where, after a long delay while the chicken was hatched, raised, killed, plucked, and slow cooked, lunch was served!


New week it’s off to Papago for a probably lame run from your faithful scribe!