One day on a mountain in the life of AHHHers b4 a bid 4 (take it slow through that one and you will see it does scan) restructuring and improved management services.


HASH NUMBER 1500…..could be significant that…..or not…..


Venue ANO VOULA….another unspoilt section of Hymmetos mountain


HARES….MADAM MBE CLITORIA( mmc) aided and abetted by a SCARLET PIMP (sp) ….we could be reading the Sporting Life?


So here are the runners and riders ( check out William Hill website for the starting prices and round robin opportunities)…..non runners, not included…..not that walkers aren’t hashers too…..but….oh well best leave it at that:-


Mmc, sp, bookie and me FT with a men-in-gitis in tow


Leanover, SF, ADS and okey cokey dealer


RE, MD, Dstyle , MG and Andrew


HamishMT, FC,WD and PB2


Bouboulinas, George 82 later 2 b Boy George, Julie, and Gerry (first time runner but not a Maiden by any means)


And by no means last….well actually he is last but still the best shag in Preston, ALIASS preston pete


An early lead was taken by Bookie, closely followed by the new irish runner Gerry and a tight pack on the rails jostling for position of Rear Entry, SF FT and Andrew. Into the first uphill stretch and the leaders bunched up and the lead changed over at every F and Check with some of the runners finding the terrain a little on the hard side for their legs.


A bit of an unusual course layout took us past the stands a few times with the crowd roaring us on up the home straight and Bookie as usual pipped us all at the post on the nod. Isn’t it time he was retired to stud?


Walkers had managed a good showing in the paddock and were blowing only slightly as the trophies were handed out in the winners enclosure. Also the late arrivals of Haberdashers KUM KWIK and SCRUBBER meant we could all purchase our new silks for the next outing.


DIOs were presented by our, close to retirement, RA SF and a generally excellent performance, even though some of the maths of adding up to 1500 overtaxed his engineers brain. DIOs were accompanied by Veteran AHHH tshirts donated by an old GM BOGBRUSH and we  had many a chorus of OFF, OFF, OFF quickly followed by ON, ON, ON….and in some cases NO, NO, NO as AHHHers managed to divest themselves of their old tshirt and in some cases UNAIDED, attire themselves in the new…..


We also named George (82 film director of Aegina) as BOY GEORGE but without any cold or wet substances and we had to tone Clitoria down to prevent George’s pacemaker going for a burton.


Virgin Hasher Gerry made a fab first appearance and though having trouble holding on to his DIO without drinking it, while we serenaded him, (an Irishman never lets a drink get warm) insisted we sang him the stripper song and showed off  his experience of  the pole dancing bars of Dublin…..please don’t ask where the pole goes.


SF tried to make us all cry on his retirement by making us SING….a painful experience at any time on the Athens Hash, without us having to learn a whole new chorus on spec! He also has a further word for you, if you care, at the end of my EDITORIAL ASSIGNMENT, as these little ditties are now known.


We all made off down the mountain for free booze and pizza care of the magnanimous Ahhh out going committee ( and grand use was made of SPs embassy pad where the space was enough for a herd of elephants so thanks very much for that Mrs Elizabeth Windsor of London SW1 ), and voted in the new, with a few adjustments…..well one actually, as SF left us and FAIR COP made good on his early promise and stepped up as RA.


We were all particularly moved and impressed by BUDWANKER’s acceptance speech, (as we decided we could not do without his dazzling personality and wit and voted him our GM again). I am sure he will bring us copies on dvd from wherever he was when he made it…..North Carolina wasn’t it? Phoenix maybe? I am sure we will be dazzled, moved, impressed and bloody amazed IF he makes it to next weeks hash…….ON ON and don’t forget to read the appendix…..u never know you needed one until you have it removed!