Run: 1493


Date: 9 September 2006


Location: Lavrio


Hare: Fair Cop


Scribe: Budwanker



“Clash of the Titans”


Prior to the 9th of September two giants of Athens, Athens A3H and Smokin’ Balls Football, had never met (well, notwithstanding the people who do both hash and football) but all that was about to change with the first, maybe annual, Hash/Football Saturday.  Members of both groups gathered near the town of Lavrio for the first event of the day, a Fair Cop hash run.  Hashers, and those football players brave enough, set off for a nice seaside run.  Up and down cliffs, up a hill, by the odd old German gun emplacement and back to the start for a quick circle.  Several hashers were noted for not actually showing up for the run (Spanish Fly, Stress Cow) and going to the beach instead.  John, normally a footballer, was introduced to his first hash circle.  Tiggy and UtB had brought along a couple of friends, who, so frightened by the proceedings left and were never seen again.


Then is was a short walk to the pitch for the football game.  Players were divided up and play began.  The game featured brilliant ball-handling, wicked shots on goal, diving saves, but, in the end, the bad guys ended up on top by a score of 5-3, rallying from a  3-2 halftime deficit.


Then is was off the beach where many people took advantage of the nice day to go for a swim.  Two other  FOT (friends of Tiggy) Eleni and Demitra joined the group.  The days athletic activities not being over, a group headed off for a spirited game of beach volleyball.  Once the sun set it was off to a nearby Fish Taverna.


Next week it’s Island weekend at Evia