Run: 1492 (Columbus sailed the Ocean Blue)


Date: 28 August 2006


Location: Stamata


Hares: Fair Cop; Masochist


Scribe: Budwanker



Um, what were the words to that again?


Does hashing affect your memory, or maybe just your overall brain?  This question was apparently answered on last Monday’s run, but more on that later.


A3H hashers trekked north for the first trail laid by Masochist (with a little help from Fair Cop).  A good number of hashers arrived and milled around for awhile until it was time to set off.  Just as we were leaving however a car drove up containing Rear Entry and Spy Shagger, back from the nuptials in Ukraine.  The newlyweds joined the runners and off they went.  I’d like to tell you about the run, but I wasn’t on, a victim of bad knees.  Rumor had it that it contained some hills, some straight parts, and some bushes.  The walk wound nicely though the neighborhood contained some vicious dogs, and a shy tortoise.  Walkers returned and hung out for awhile waiting for the runners to straggle in.


The circle was quickly commenced as there was a lot of business to attend too.  Masochist was commended for his first trail.  A number of offenses on trail where handed out, including Rear Entry for his “short-cut” up a hill and resulting bleeding without permission.  Several awards were passed out: The penis went from Clitoria to Spanish Fly, who is staying in Athens for her vacation and needed something to amuse herself with; Shit of the Week from Scarlet Pimp to Rear Entry, SP had added a pair of goggles and felt the Rear Entry, as a newly wed, could find a use for them.  A virgin hasher, Kevin, Jamaican by way of America was welcomed.  Several returning hashers were welcomed back, including Kum Kwik, Scrubber, and Stress Cow.  Then, the always tradition laden circle was privileged to be able to celebrate not one, but two, time honored hash ceremonies.  First, to honor the newly-weds, Rear Entry and Spy Shagger were called into the circle.  RA S4S came forward to perform the ceremony.  However, the normally eloquent and loquacious S4S could not remember the words!  After several long pulls on his beer to collect himself S4S was able to complete the ceremony and the happy couple pledged undying lust for each other.  Then it was time for a naming.  Sophie was scheduled to return to the U.S. and it was determined she shouldn’t go without a name.  The GM, your faithful scribe, requested the honor of doing the naming ceremony.  Various names were debated.  Sophie’s affinity for the Greek police was noted (in just five weeks she has had more run-ins with the Greek police then all other Americans at the embassy put together.)  Her love for ferrets was also noted.  As Sophie sat freezing her butt off in bucket of water all these things were looked at, various names were debated and rejected.  Finally, a decision was made, but the RA couldn’t remember the words to the naming ceremony!  After trying the words to knight somebody, and the oath of the President of the U.S. the GM finally gave up and asked for assistance from the RA.  In the end, all was taken care of and Sophie was given the name Ferret Dodger.  After an announcement on the upcoming Island weekend it was off to Taverna.


Next week it’s on the Spata and a Bookmaker run.