Run: Hash 1490- Spata


Date: Monday, August 14, 2006


Scribe: Wet Dream



A sense of deja-vu had 16 Hashers gathering on a hilltop which, although billed as Spata, was suspiciously close to F.C.& W.D.'s home town, of Loutsa. Up the Bumper arrived in his taxi with returnee, Tiggy, and an unsuspecting passenger who had been assured that the hilltop was only a short detour. UtB explained that his "fare" was a virgin Hasher called Derek but it was noticed that he kept his meter running for the duration.


Told by Fair Cop that the trail was the same as last time, the pack set off confidently to the first check which Mountain Goat and UtB ran straight through, remembering the previous route. They were almost out of earshot when they discovered that the Hare had been less than honest (hare's privilege)


A strong walking contingent set off down the same track through the vineyards. Here, Clitoria, a reputedly upstanding member of the community, helped herself to grapes, ensuring that some poor farmer was cheated of his livelihood. A further shameful episode occured when the walkers refused to negotiate the stepping stones across the river and even complained about the dead sheep in the water. Further mutiny was averted by Wet Dream brandishing the key to the beer car.


No such problems for the runners, who splashed happily through their own river crossing before the pack split at the official shortcut. The front runners completed the full 9.1k whilst Masochist failed to live up to his name as he and a number of others, took the shortcut.


The circle finally started as darkness fell. DIO's awarded to Barbara and Thanassis for claiming to be lost in the bushes, together, for 15 minutes. NOT the sort of behaviour we expect from a married couple! The Hash sign that Banger and Mash retrieved from Papagou earned our G.M. a DIO for abuse of Hash property and his protest that he hadn't put up any signs for that Hash earned him another, for laziness. He completed his hat-trick by being awarded his 50 run mug and badge.The double DIO seemed such a good idea that Scarlet Pimperknickers had a double for himself and Clitoria to mark their return.Tiggy put up a suitable show of embarrassment after being awarded the penis for wearing silly, girly shoes.


The circle finished with Hamish insisting that there would be a full moon over Glyfada on Friday night, only 10 days after the previous one. We then left to play "Hunt the Taverna that's open on a holiday" in Spata. We ended up finding one better than the designated one, had a great meal and drank far too much, as usual.