Run: 1490


Date: 7 August 2006


Location: Kessarini Monastery


Hare: All Day Sucker


Scribe: Budwanker



ďLost part IIĒ


For those of you who tuned in last week, you know that a group of walkers had been lost in the vast wastelands of Agia Paraskvie.Would they be found?Well, yes, ADS took his four wheel drive up the mountain and retrieved them.Undeterred by the almost tragedy hashers gathered again at the Kessarini Monastery to see if they could avoid the same fate.


Runners and walkers set off in different directions.Up and down hills and through the brush.The trail was nicely divided between climbing and trails that could be run.All Day Sucker had set what he claimed was his shortest run.However, that didnít prevent some more drama when Barbara, a virgin runner, noticed her husband, who had hashed once before, was Lost!This surprised no one as he had done the same thing on his first run.Fortunately, he was quickly found and the happy couple was re-united.In less then an hour the hashers had returned, but the walkers were again missing.After a few anxious moments, where the hashers drank beer and discussed the major issues of the day, the walkers showed up and the circle commenced.


ADS received a higher score then normal for his run (7.0) and various offenses on trail were noted.The FRB award was given to Mountain Goat for pretty much being himself.The penis was not awarded as Wet Dream used the excuse of having nobody to award it too so she could keep it another week.Two virgins, the aforementioned Barbara and Sophie, both Americans, were welcomed.Then it was off to Taverna, which was closed, and a frantic search for an open one, then an attempt to round up all the errant hashers and insure they were in the right place.


Next week itís off to Spata where Fair Cop will recreate his run from twomonths ago.