Run: 1488 (ish)


Date: 31 July 2006


Location: Agia Paraskvie


Hares: S4S and Leanover


Scribe: Budwanker






American pop culture quiz: What current TV show about a group of stranded survivors of a plane crash is one of the most popular in the U.S. currently?  Stumped?  Well A3H, always wanting to be on the cutting edge of American pop culture, attempted to recreate this show during their run in Agia Paraskvie.


Hashers gathered near a Monastery (and we all know how hard those are too find in Greece) in Agia Paraskvie.  Prior to the start, hashers wondered if the hares were lost, as they were nowhere to be found, and hashers weren’t even sure they were in the right place.  In due time the hares showed up, and after waiting for Up the Bumper to show up with a virgin hasher off we went.  As the run went along the group picked up hashers who apparently had gotten Lost on the way, ADS, Thrush, and Andrew all joined the group along the way.  Up the mountain we went, observing planes attempting to put out a fire in Galatsie from the heights.  A hash first, a P stop showed off a sample of S4S’s porn collection (just for the articles or course).  Around the mountain the hashers continued, finding numerous falsies, apparently where the hare had gone down a trail and found he couldn’t continue.  Finally the hashers reached the B stop, would there be cold beer on a hot night?  No, it was just to denote the discovery of the bat cave.


Soon we were back at the on in, we waited for a few minutes for the walkers, but, fearing the sunset (and eviction from the grounds) we started the circle.  The hare was acknowledged and given a 6.9 for the trail.  Offenses on trail were taken care of.


Um, where are the walkers?


Shit of the week, with the addition of a very useful used Attiki Odos toll ticket, was awarded to somebody for doing something.


Should we be worried about the walkers?


Farewells were said to departing Hashers Thrush (off to Copenhagen), and Can’t Get Laid/Long time cuming (back to England).  Shiva, who just left, was welcomed back.  Virgin Hasher Tiggy was welcomed.


OK, it’s getting dark; some of the walkers are back, where are the rest?


Finally it was time for an A3H summertime tradition, the naming of a deserving hasher.  Andrew planted his butt in a bucket of ice and, after admitting his unworthiness was given his hash name of Masochist; in honor of showing up after his first two runs were Bookmakers rain run, and Shiva’s six hour marathon run (which gets longer with each telling).  Finally the circle ended, it had gotten dark, but there were still Hashers lost on the mountain.  What had happened to them?  Would they be found?  Come back next week to find out…..


Next week it’s off to another monastery courtesy of ADS.