VENUE:   her usual stomping ground up at the spring next to the church 2 mins from her house RODOPOLI






Simple is beautiful too and LB had  had a hell of a week so we appreciated the effort of trying to remember all the stuff a hare has to handle in setting a trail for the AHHH.


Signs were good if a little lopsided due to lack of string, wool, wire, superglue to keep em in place but we had no lost hashers ……a  few unusual latercomers but no one lost so that is a 9 score on technical performance there.


Venue was great, as usual, other than we had the church with Papas in situ for a while and 3 odd Albanians trying to help with directions but, in general, nice spot with parking and shade and somewhere to hide the beer from the resident priest and co conspirators and once LB had done a bit of extra shopping we had beer and ice in the same bucket which is good cocktail for hashers so well done another 9 for  technical abilities.


A gathering of reasonable proportions for a summer Monday eve.


We had 2 virgins Olga number 2 and TsiTsi from Malaysia.


Returnees in the shape of Shampoo George and Yiannis Psimopoulos OLD ATHENS HASHERS indeed and Geriatric Pacemaker on another of his little stopovers in Greece.


We had 2 recent virgins with the balls to come back in the shape of Donna and Christopher.


And then the usual crowd of me and Bookmaker (back running thank the lord he will stop whinging about being fat), Maddog, Mountain Goat, Up the Bumper, Olga 1, and Stress Cow.


Oh and the unusual latecomer our GM Budwanker, cos he let Donna read the directions……..a bad workman always blames his tools as the saying goes!


So off we popped on a nice little trail….all of us on the runners trail so a shame LB spent time setting a walkers route. It was a circle, with a few checks, although she should possibly have not set the flour quite so close to the check, and no Fs cos it is quite hard to get a car up the goat tracks and flour was hard to spot being white, which despite being ecological is a fucking pain to find especially after the spots have been run over by the tyres…..not that I am saying LB set this in a vehicle of any description as I would not be so bold as to cast the first stone and any port in a storm as we say…….but she lost a few points on both technical ability and artistic interpretation and so got a disappointing score of 6.9 for the trail. Also Geriatric Pacemaker did not have time to work up a sweat so he went round twice!

Anyway as all trails must end so did ours and we all got back other than OLGA 1 so apparently this venue always leaves one harriet out in the woods alone. She was saved by MG and then we lost the search party of GP and UpBum for a while but finally we settled down to a circle of manageable proportions.


We would have awarded our traditional awards but no one knows where they are so we only had the FRB helmet which went to Christopher and he promised to bring it back.


Budwanker awarded himself and Donna DIOs for late arrival and then got another one for being a sad bastard to award himself a DIO. GP got one for going round twice and Shampoo and Yianiis got one each for being OLD hashers still able to run and in Shampoo’s case still able to do push ups upside down off the side of his car…..what does he think the hash is ……an athletic club????


Olga 1 got one for accepting a lift from an odd old man MG and I got one for  not having the little penis from the man with the little dick….


On Inn was at LBs with a slight change in menu in the fact that she welcomed everyone with or without food and they went off to find a supermarket with something to stick on a BBQ…….Organised or what eh?


ON ON to a secret location for a trial  ……yes not a spelling mistake …..to be set by Budwanker and his fair handmaiden Donna…..yes u got it the ones that got lost getting to the Hash………..