Ceremony: The Giving of the POHX to Clitoria

Adapted from an ancient ceremony of knighthood.

RA:     "Right mindful of your prowess on the field, in the field, in the back of the car, behind the bike sheds and at every opportunity, and being responsive to the wishes of your peers, we are minded to give you the [POHX] -  Prime Order of Hashing eXcellence. .  Know ye that to wear the mark of the POHX is to hold a sacred trust; that the obligations of POHX-hood will demand your efforts every moment of your life.

1, CLIT: ‘I’m not worthy’



In preparation for this ceremony of elevation it is written that the candidate must keep herself pure of thought and deed and in an unspoiled state for a period of 28 days and nights. Have you done this?


2, CLIT: I have.

"A mistress of the POHX must be respectful of all religions, sexual orientations and deviations, never preferring one over another.

3, CLIT: I do

"A mistress of POHX  must respect all those who are weak or defenseless, whether because of age, infirmity, poverty, or vow, and be steadfast in servicing them.

4, CLIT: I will

"A mistress must love her Hash-dom and her  province, and fulfill most faithfully her  feudal duties to the RA and the GM.

5, CLIT: I will

"Her  word and chastity must be dependable beyond doubt or question. She must never flee from the face of her foes. She must be generous to all. "And, always and everywhere, she must be the champion of the right and the good”.

6, CLIT: I will

"The Laws of the Society and the customs of the Hash-dom require that a mistress be prow, as you have demonstrated you are upon the field; that a mistress  be courteous, as you have shown yourself to be and as these noble Hashers and Harriettes attest; [- the hash speaks -]  and that a mistress  be loyal to her Hashdom and the Society.

Do you then desire to accept the burden of the POHX and swear fealty to the Mis-management?"

7, The Candidate will accept.


RA:     We now require you to swear fealty.          "Then swear fealty and pay homage to the most ancient Hash of Greek Hash-dom."

8, The candidate shall say:


"I here swear fealty and do homage to the Hash  of the Greek Hashdom; to ever be a good Mistress of the POHX  and true, reverent and generous, shield of the weak, obedient to my GM, indulgent to my RA, on top most of the time in bed, courteous at all times, champion of the right and the good. Thus swear I  -  La Clitoria.


RA       "This to We hear and shall never forget nor fail to reward that which is given fealty with love service with honour and oath breading with vengeance."

We now: BESTOW THE TOKENS OF POHX-HOOD   First: The Tee-shirt

The RA asks: "Is there a tee-shirt  with which  we give you the POHX ?"

Ass RA:          Yes, oh RA (or something incomprehensible and Australian) – steps forward.

The pack:       off, off, off, off,..

                        On. On,on,on


Second: The Medal:              The RA  asks: "Is there a medal with which we give you the POHX?"

Ass RA:          Yes, Oh RA (as above).

RA:     With this award in the name of Gispert we give you the POHX. May you go forth and proudly spread the POHX.    

The song master sings a song….


Ceremony composed by our RA Strawberry4Skin