Run: 1483


Date: 12 June 2006


Location: Spata


Hare: Fair Cop


Scribe: Budwanker



“Hashing in only for the bold”


Last Monday Athens was hit by a rain storm.  Many hashers, fearing a major case of Wicked Witch of the West syndrome hid in their homes, curled in a fetal position in their beds with the covers poured over them.  As many have said over the years though “Hashing is only for the bold” and there were members of A3H who gathered to prove it.


Gathering under the dread partly cloudy sky the group huddled together to keep up their courage before heading out.  Fair Cop’s tale of being chased out of part of his trail by rock throwing gypsies, some of who drove by to give the hashers the evil eye, only heightened the growing sense of dread.  Undeterred however, runners and walkers set out.  Around the base of  a hill things seemed OK, then it was up the hill and straight into a burned out forest, the hashers were forced to make their way through the burned out trees, wondering what had caused it, and would the fire spring up again.  Gathering together at the bottom they set off again. 


As they ran along an ominous sound foretold the next danger.  The hare, looking alarmed, muttered something about having to get our feet wet.  Sure enough, there it was, a raging torrent of water crossing our path, with a clearly marked blue mark on the other side.  The hare swore that just that morning, it had been nothing more then a trickle, but that was no longer the case.  (We would have a photo of this if your faithful scribe’s camera phone had done its job!)  Would the brave hashers dare to cross this obstacle?  No, it led to a falsie anyway, so we moved on.  Soon the danger of the run was all too evident.  Lying on the side of road was a sad reminder of the dangers of hashing, a badly damaged and ripped apart hasher, clearly wearing a HHH shirt.  The hashers stopped for a moment to honor this fallen hasher (We’d have a picture of this too, but, see above.)


After this, the hashers were forced to scatter to reach the on in safely, but all arrived and the toasts to their bravery started.  Pregnant Pause, a visitor from Melbourne who spoke with a suspicious American sounding accent was awarded the traditional down down.  Fair Cop’s valor in laying the trail was acknowledged, Budwanker for offenses on trail, Mountain Goat and S4S for long running, etc.  Then it was off to Taverna.


Throughout history, comparable acts of bravery would be remembered with monuments and statues.  Hashers neither expect nor want such accolades for just doing what they do.  However, in a tribute to those brave hashers who actually showed up and completed the run, please bow your head as you read their names:


Budwanker, S4S, Fair Cop, Wet Dream, Can’t Cum, Pregnant Pause, Mountain Goat, George


Next week it’s off the Koropi courtesy of Fiery Twat.